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Green Mop win the Argus Eco Awards

That's it... act cool!Oh my oh my. We are SO proud to have won the Argus Eco Award for Green Business.

So Ceri, Sharon and I all went to our first ever award do. I had to dig out my old interview suit from my IT days (shiny elbows, ill fitting trousers, and ripped lining in the jacket), Ceri had to wear high heels (she was walking like she’s been riding a horse for 4 days), and Sharon was sporting her best dangly earrings (bling!). We were wined and we wered dined (Barefoot Wines and Due South were 2 of the sponsors!).

Then the awards ceremony started. Our category was 2nd to last, so my nerves were frazzled. I got all psyched up as our category loomed, then the compere said “let’s take a break for the raffle”! Jeeeeeepers..

I’d bought some raffle tickets, and foolishly agreed that Sharon, Ceri and I would share any prizes (although Sharon and I decided that if we won the surfing lesson, Ceri could have that all to herself!). There was huge excitement when we won the £250 shopping spree at Churchill Square… that we’re going to share (sulk)!

Then, back to the awards.. We were up against Nigel’s Eco Store and the Cycling Gardener, both lovely and deserving local Green Businesses. The sponsor of the award was Neilson Active Holidays , and their big cheese read out that we had won.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was! There was a big cheer (even louder than when we won the shopping spree!). Sharon and Ceri had decided to make as much noise as possible (the free wine helped!).

And so we are now Green Mop – the Award Winning green cleaning company!

The Green Moppers have worked so very hard in the last 18 months. Ceri and Sharon in particular have helped so much to make us a success. Green Mop struck lucky when those 2 agreed to be the core of the team. All the girls and boys, both past and present, that have pulled on the Green Mop t-shirt and got stuck in making homes and workplaces clean and fresh have all contributed to the great reputation we have earned. Gen, Alice, Sophie, Jo, Joe, Johnny Sparkles, Hettie, Maria, Apphia, a big thanks.

And our lovely customers. Thank you to those that took the time to nominate us in the first place! And thanks for choosing us to be your cleaners and helping our small green and ethical business to thrive in Brighton and Hove.

Thanks also to the Argus and the sponsors for putting on such a great do. We did have fun!

One last thanks and then I’ll shut up! Thanks to my friends and family for putting up with all the Green Mop trials and tribulations. Josie has to put up with most of it! But Josie and Teen are always there with advice and help and ideas. My family are so proud and supportive and encouraging.

Anyway, back to reality… there’s cleaning that needs doing, so better get on..

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