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Green Mop has used non-toxic cleaning products, and has had a green ethos throughout the business since we started in 2007. Sustainability has always been at the core of our business. We continue to maintain the best genuinely green credentials of any cleaning company in the area.

We help our customers maintain a clean and healthy environment for their staff and visitors and facilitate the achievement of their own targets as green businesses by using us as an accredited ethical and green supplier.

Here at Green Mop we try to minimise our impact on the environment in a number of ways.

Eco-friendly cleaning materials

Green Mop uses reasonably priced, non-toxic cleaning supplies from a local supplier, as well as traditional products such as white vinegar and soda crystal. We also use and launder non-disposable cloths and reusable spray bottles to minimise waste.

Our main cleaning products are concentrates, so a little goes a long way. This keeps deliveries from the supplier down, as well as trips to restock cleaning cupboards at customer sites.

We advocate the health benefits to colleagues, customers, visitors and the cleaning operatives of using non-toxic products, as well as limiting the impact on our water ways.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We focus on reducing our use of consumable items. We have reusable bottles for cleaning products, and use microfibre cloths which are laundered and reused. We keep use of paper down to a minimum in our office.

Where we can’t reduce or reuse and have to throw things away, we recycle paper, plastics and electricals using local recycling company.

Our current focus is to look at the plastics we use and recycle with a target to reduce usage further.


Our IT solutions allow us to manage, administrate, monitor and plan from our office keeping paper use down.

We use online rotas enabling efficient shift planning and absence management with a remote clocking in and out system. This provides us with attendance monitoring, automated timesheets and minimal payroll admin.

Our site management smart phone app enables Supervisors to do quality audits, stores orders, staff reviews and risk assessments. All this data is available to management staff to access from anywhere saving on trips to the office.


We have built relationships with great suppliers with a similar commitment to sustainability as us. For example, our washroom services supplier provides sanitary bin services whereby all waste is used to generate energy with nothing going to landfill.

Staff engagement

Cleaning materials are kept at customer sites enabling staff to walk or cycle to work. We try to place staff at sites near to their home.

We encourage our cleaning teams to monitor and feedback to customers on other areas which contribute to their carbon footprint. Some great examples of suggestions are:

  • switching off computer screens & lights to save energy
  • recommending switching from paper towels to energy efficient hand-driers
  • central recycling and general waste bins
  • removing desk bins for efficient waste management.
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