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Terms & Conditions – 30 Day

Green Mop standard terms and conditions for supplying a regular cleaning service. Please fill in the your name, business name, and email address. Tick to confirm you accept these terms. Thank you!

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    1. “The contractor” herein will be Green Mop Ltd, its officials or its successors.
    2. “The client” herein will be the contractor shown on the quotation, or its representative.
    3. “Goods” shall mean the consumable items such as refuse sacks, toilet rolls, hand towels, soap supplies and other disposables purchased from the janitorial division of the contractor.
    4. The contract as set out herein shall be in force for 1 year from the commencement date shown. The first 3 months are fixed. After that, the contract may be terminated by either party by giving 30 days’ notice.
    5. Engagement of the contractor's services is deemed as acceptance of the terms herein.
    6. The charges for these works shall be invoiced on the first of each calendar month with terms of Net 30 Days. The client is charged the agreed amount per calendar month, plus VAT.
    7. Payment by direct transfer is preferred. A direct debit can be set up if agreeable. Payment by cheque will incur an admin fee of £5.00.
    8. The first invoice will be issued on the contract start date, which may not be a whole month.
    9. All goods required for the on-going maintenance of hygiene services outside the scope of the cleaning specification are purchased separately from the contractor’s janitorial supplies department. These will be invoiced monthly with terms of Net 30 Days.
    10. Goods do not become the property of the client until paid for in full.
    11. Hours for cleaning are estimated due to different production rates of operatives and therefore once the tasks on the specification have been achieved we reserve the right to allow operatives to finish work. This in no way shall jeopardise the charge due to the client.
    12. No credit shall be given for closing on public holidays. Your regular invoice amount is calculated to include these breaks.
    13. No credit shall be given for closing in the period between Christmas and New Year public holidays. Your regular invoice amount is calculated to include these breaks.
    14. The contractor will carry out all works according to the written specification provided by the contractor. The specification shall stipulate the areas covered by this contract. Any additional works requested are liable to further charges at the discretion of the contractor.
    15. The contractor shall ensure that Public Liability cover of at least £2,000,000.00 is in effect at all times covering all aspects of the contractor’s operations.
    16. The contractor will ensure that its staff working on the site under the Cleaning Contract are made fully aware of and comply with the client’s security procedures.
    17. The contractor shall ensure that adequate supervision is provided for its staff and that the general conduct is in keeping with the client’s own procedures.
    18. All correspondence from the contractor referring to this contract shall be deemed to form part of any agreement, contract or undertaking by the contractor.
    19. The contractor reserves the right to suspend services or supply of goods should the client fail to keep to the terms of contract and payment. This in no way shall jeopardise the contractor’s contract or agreement with the client and shall not incur liability of any kind.
    20. The client shall make arrangements for the entry/exit of the contractor’s staff. Note that delayed access or failure to gain access may result in reduced work time, or additional charges.
    21. Where applicable, all materials and equipment on the client’s premises belonging to the contractor shall be insured by the client against damage and theft. Any materials used by the client’s staff shall be charged to the client at the discretion of the contractor.
    22. Where applicable, the client should provide storage for the cleaning equipment and stock materials.
    23. On termination of contract the client shall provide reasonable access to the contractor’s representative to remove all equipment etc. from the client’s premises.
    24. If no written notice is received by the contractor it shall be assumed that the services detailed in the cleaning specification have been performed to the satisfaction of the client. Any such notice shall be given within 48 hours of the occurrence of a deficiency in the work carried out or in the non attendance of the contractor’s operatives or if damage to or breakage of any article on the Client’s premises caused by negligence of the contractor’s operatives. Upon receipt of such complaint notice the contractor will take all necessary action, without cost to the client, to investigate and resolve the complaint.
    25. If a complaint is made and investigated and it is found that the Contractor is not at fault, a call out fee may be charged to the Client.
    26. In the event of the Client cancelling this contract, they may remain liable for services which have been sub-contracted out, such as washroom services.
    27. Payment for all services and supplies fall due within 30 days from the date of the invoice. The contractor reserves the right to suspend services and to impose interest of 4% above Bank of England base rate on late payments. In the event of debt recovery action becoming necessary, the contractor will add debt recovery costs to the outstanding debt.
    28. The Client will nominate a single point of contact for the Contractor to communicate with regarding Cleaning Operations, Specifications and Issues.
    29. Client requests for changes, cancellations or additions to the scheduled cleaning services require a minimum notice period of 2 business days.
    30. Green Mop Ltd are committed to customer data privacy and GDPR compliance.
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