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New customer information form

This form needs to be completed before we can get started. Please fill it in as best you can. Any questions, give us a call.


    CUSTOMER DETAILS (required)

    Customer business name

    Site address

    Usual hours of business

    CONTACT DETAILS (required)

    Main contact name

    Main contact phone number

    Main contact email

    Billing contact name / Email (if different)

    ACCESS DETAILS (required)

    Number of key sets handed over

    Types of keys (chubb, yale, fobs etc)

    Details of door codes, if any

    Details of alarms, if any - location, codes etc


    General waste information - location of bags, disposal point etc

    Recycled waste information - location of bags, disposal point etc

    OTHER DETAILS (required)

    Emergency contact name and number (required)

    Communications book location - a Green Mop pad where you and the cleaner can leave notes

    Cleaning cupboard location

    Is there a vacuum cleaner onsite that is in good working order? (if not Green Mop will provide one)

    We have our own Henry or similarWe have a vacuum, but not sure how good it isGreen Mop to provide one

    Any other comments or details

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