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COVID-19 Cleaning

We have established enhanced cleaning procedures to maintain good, sanitising standards whilst we’re dealing with COVID-19. We recommend increased cleaning of all touch points (see list below). If budget allows, a daily professional clean is best. We can supply customers with sanitisation kits so that you can keep your surfaces free from contaminates between cleans.

If there has been a known outbreak of COVID-19 at your premises, we can provide a FOGGING SERVICE. This means we can sanitise the areas very quickly. They then have to be left for 6 hours. It is then safe to return. This is the quickest and safest way to deal with any contamination in your building. 

We can also provide serviced hand sanitisers, or quality bulk fill units and sanitiser.

If you’re planning your return to your office, you probably require a deep clean to sanitise and freshen up before occupancy. 

Touch point cleaning list

Desktops and all work surfaces
Door handles, knobs and push plates
​Light switches
​Computer monitors, keyboards, mice
Tablets and laptops
Other office equipment, eg printers
Chair arms
​Kitchen tables and chairs, crockery, trays and cutlery
Sinks, taps and appliance handles
Toilets, flushes, basins, doors, sanibins, locks, hand dryers
Water fountains, food and drink dispensers, coffee machines
Lift buttons
Banisters and hand rails


Sanitising of all surfaces during regular cleaning
Deep cleaning
Fogging service
Return-to-work cleaning plans
Hand sanitisers services and products
Workplace sanitisation kits for between cleans
Signage for distance, hand hygiene etc
Advice and guidance for keeping your workplace clean

Known outbreak of COVID-19?

Our procedures follow industry guidelines for dealing with a property with a known case of COVID-19. We can send our fogging team in initially to make sure the area is safe. Then a deep clean team would follow the next day to clean all areas.

Please get in touch for more details if required.

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