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Using different cleaning products

Green Mop has always been an environmentally responsible cleaning company. It’s in our name after all. As we specialise in regular office and workplace cleaning, we’ve never needed to use any harsh or toxic chemicals in the work that we do.

However, during the current pandemic crisis, we’re adapting and adjusting to the reality of the dangers presented by the virus. We all know that simple soap and water can kill the virus, so it doesn’t always have to be a toxic product to be most effective. We’ve worked with our suppliers to ensure that the products we use are not extreme. But also that they are efficient and effective against an enveloped virus.

We’ve all had to learn and adjust ensure we protect each other. It’s vital that our Green Moppers work safely whilst making workplaces clean and safe for our customers, their colleagues and visitors.

Get in touch for further details on the additional products we’ve added to our stores and what tasks they are used for.

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