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Office cleaning essentials

It’s not complicated to provide a good office cleaning service. However, there are a few simple guidelines to ensure that all goes to plan:

Security – always our number one priority. Locking up procedures, alarm instructions, emergency contact in the event of a problem. If door codes or alarm codes change, remember to tell your cleaning provider!

Safety – often, our workers are working alone after hours. It’s essential to ensure every office environment we’re sending our Green Moppers into safe and free from hazards. We also monitor and check that all our team perform their duties following strict safety procedures.

Storage – we need somewhere safe to keep our cleaning materials! We don’t need much room, but a space for a mop or 2, a Henry, and for a bag of cleaning products. As they’re not toxic, it’s quite safe. But lockable storage is always preferable so that nothing else gets piled in there and our bits don’t go for a wander!

Communication – if anything changes or needs adding or taking away from the job sheet, keep us informed.



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