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Kindness from customers

Our very lovely customers, Octopus Energy, left a kind note of appreciation for our cleaning team, Maria and Sian. They also left them gifts of flowers, chocolates and biscuits.

Octopus had had a bit of a party, and it was a little bit messy. Our team sorted it all out, and left things clean and tidy for them.

It is always greatly appreciated  when notes of thanks are left for the hard working cleaning teams. The treats are a generous sign of customer appreciation, and I know it means a lot to Maria, Sian and the supervising team.

The note read:

To Maria and Sian, 

We are very sorry for the mess we left a few weeks ago. We appreciate everything you do to keep our office space clean and tidy, and will tidy up after ourselves better next time. 

Please accept these treats to say sorry.

From everyone at Octopus xxxx

Thank you for your kindness Octopus Energy!

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