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European workers

We love our European workers. 60% of our current team of Green Moppers are from Europe. Bulgarians, Spaniards, Poles, Czechs, Romanians. They are all here to work hard and improve their English.

Our British and European workers are all the same, working hard to earn a living for their families, their futures. Saving for weddings, holidays, cars, gas bills.

Here at Green Mop, we’re all in it together wherever we come from. We’re just Green Moppers. We all learn from each other. I have learned that Bulgarians are fiercely proud and respectful, Spaniards are warm and friendly and work hard, Czechs are cheery and meticulous. All of us have learned to understand Johnny Sparkles’ colourful Cockney language!

The majority of people applying to work with Green Mop are not British. If Britain is no longer part of the EU after June 23rd, I know that will make recruiting cleaning staff harder, not only for us, but for all businesses like ours. Cleaning, care, hospitality, they all benefit from European workers.

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