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Cleaning services that you can rely on

Office cleaning by Gil Ribeiro

It’s a big claim to say we won’t let you down, but we really won’t.

Over the last two years, during the turmoil of the pandemic and all the schedule changes, rule changes, staff sickness and everything else that’s thrown at us, we have missed a total of 3 scheduled shifts.  We have around 260 shifts sheduled each week. Having three in two years that we’ve not been able to sort out at short notice is quite remarkable.

It’s still 3 too many. But our customers were very understanding as they know that we will always have tried our utmost to provide the expected services.

Our team of cover cleaners and supervisors are available to step in whenever required, working hard to ensure we don’t let customers down. We make sure we have enough capacity to enable cleaning teams to take time off for holidays or if they are unwell.

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