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Cleaning plan efficiencies – reduce the cost of your cleaning

We strive to maintain a good value service for all our business customers. With costs rising for all businesses, ours is also affected by increases in wages, utilities and materials. To that end, we work to implement efficiencies for our customers’ cleaning plans, where possible.

  • Identify the key areas that need daily cleaning for hygiene or high profile purposes – kitchens, washrooms, touch points, reception areas etc
  • Identify areas / tasks that can be cleaned less frequently, perhaps once per week in sections across the week – desks, dusting, full vacuuming
  • Encourage your staff to take care of their own washing up, or take it to the kitchen to be dealt with by your cleaner. Collecting cups and plates from desks has an impact on the time available for cleaning
  • Encourage a clear desk policy, allowing desks to be cleaned efficiently
  • Reduce the number of bins. Especially taking away individual desk bins and replacing with centralised general waste bins near the recycling. This simple idea helps cleaner efficiency will fewer bins to empty, clean and re-line. It also reduces the number of bin liners used and improves recycling rates.

Get in touch with us if you want to have a chat about what efficiencies can work for you. You can’t cut corners with cleaning, especially when trying to minimise contamination and maintain a healthy environment. But we can make sure we get the most out of your budget.

The Green Mop office team work with our suppliers to keep the cost of materials down. We have a profile of local supply partners where the costs of quality, eco-friendly products are monitored to make sure we’re getting best value. We make sure all staff are trained and checked for efficient cleaning methods and correct product dosing and usage.

These are a few of the ways in which Green Mop works to maintain a good value service for our customers.

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