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Cleaner training

We promise our customers consistently high standards of cleaning, and excellent training for our hardworking cleaners is key to ensuring we meet those expectations.

Our new cleaners go through a training program which prepares them for how to do things the Green Mop way. Even cleaners who come to us with a lot of experience are trained in the same way. We also do periodical retraining and provide a Green Mop Standards and Guidelines booklet in order to maintain a consistently good performance from all our cleaning teams.

Olga pic - CopyOur Service Manager, Olga, is responsible for the training and induction of all cleaning team members. She is meticulous in the training and preparation for each cleaner, and her work on the training plans and accompanying guidelines has helped us provide an excellent service with well trained staff.

Training plans include sections on health and safety, security, occupational health and customer care. There is also in-depth demonstrations and training on cleaning guidelines, product usage, colour coding and efficiency tips.


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