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Blog: Green Mop wins Chamber of Commerce star award

starWe are very proud to have won a Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce Star Award at last week’s AGM and dinner. Having been a member of the Chamber for less than a year, I was chuffed to have even been nominated and was surprised to win. It was even better that the Star Awards are voted for by fellow Chamber members. So to all those who kindly took the time to vote Green Mop; thank you very, very much.

However, I did have to do an acceptance speech! Being confident that I wouldn’t win, I made all sorts of ridiculous promises to show my appreciation through the medium of dance. Specifically a moonwalk. I was showing off, frankly. When Green Mop’s name was read out, my joy and glee were quickly replaced with fear and panic as I noticed my Chamber pals looking at me expectantly awaiting my moonwalk performance. Needless to say, I bottled out. I had no idea what to say, and luckily the microphone stand was set for normal sized people, so I couldn’t reach it! Oh how they all laughed as I tried to reach on tip toes.

So, what I should have said was a few heart felt thank yous; to all the members of the Chamber of Commerce who make it a fun, informative, friendly, vibrant gang to be a part of, to all the staff and volunteers who work so hard to make it work, to all the businesses we’ve worked with as a result of our membership, and to all the new friends I’ve made along the way. That’s what I should have said!

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