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A love story!

A couple of years ago, we had two students working for Green Mop, Katie and Tom. They’d never met before, but Johnny Sparkles thought they’d make a good team at one of the offices we clean every day. Love blossomed over the white vinegar, but Katie was leaving to go travelling. Tom soon followed her. I guess Green Mopping wasn’t the same without Katie. As their travels came to an end, Tom proposed, and happily Katie said yes!

So we have our first Green Mop wedding. I feel like Cilla Black (retro Blind Date reference). Or Johnny is Paddy McGuinness off that Take Me Out (let the mop see the bucket).

Luckily for us, Katie is back working with Green Mop temporarily until September. It’s great to welcome her back even if it’s for a short time.

Anyway, congratulations to Katie and Tom. You look so happy in your pictures from Thailand. Thank you for letting me share your story.

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